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AC36: "The three 'super-team' challengers are locked in and will be strong; the late en

SAN FRANCISCO (#1143) – QUOTE-UNQUOTE: There are four teams locked in: Emirates Team New Zealand, Luna Rosa [sic, Rossa - TFE], Ineos Team UK and American Magic. Three others were late entries. But Malta's already pulled out and there are serious concerns if Dutch Sail and Stars and Stripes USA will make the startline. "They're just way too late," says America's Cup expert Tom Ehman. "Short of delaying the event until 2022 I don't see how any of the so-called late challengers are going to make it."But seven bases are still being built, including Luna Rosa's on a $37 million extension of Hobson Wharf - even though it could move into one of the now-vacant bases on Wynyard Wharf. Tom McRae reporting for NewsHub (NZL), including a video report on TV3 running today in New Zealand.

More on today's (Tuesday 2019-06-11) TFE LIVE, as always on our SI Facebook page at 1300 Pacific, 2000 UTC, 0800+1 NZT.

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