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AC36: "What's up with the 2021 Cup" is the title of TFE's talk today at St Francis

SAN FRANCISCO – "WHAT'S UP WITH THE 2021 CUP" is the title of Tom Ehman's presentation today for St. Francis Yacht Club's Wednesday Yachting Luncheon. If you are in the Bay Area come join the fun as it is open to the public. Excellent buffet lunch begins at 1145 (approx $20), the talk begins at 1230, and ends by 1330 unless there are a lot of questions.

Not coincidentally today is the 8th anniversary of the Valentine's Day win of GGYC / BMW ORACLE Racing over SNG/Alinghi in Valencia, Spain in 2010, so we will commemorate that, too.God, the internet and Facebook willing (and as has become the norm this year at StFYC) the Wednesday Yachting Luncheon will be live-streamed on the Club's Facebook page: No Facebook account is required. Just click on the link like any other website. Free of charge.All the latest news and views on the Cup. If you are an AC fan, not to be missed, or watch the replay of the livestream later also on the StFYC FB page.

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