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TFE Live: Join us for Friday's special show featuring STARS & STRIPES TEAM USA principals M

SAN FRANCISCO (#1152) – In their first live video interviews since Wednesday's announcement of their AC36 challenge, co-founders Mike Buckley and Taylor Canfield, along with team CEO Justin Shaffer, with join us live via Skype for the entire one-hour show – a MUST WATCH for AC fans old and new, especially those of you interested in this all-American team that was officially accepted as a challenger earlier this week. Join us live at 1300 Pacific, 1600 Eastern, 2100 UTC, 1000+1 NZT on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page. If you can't watch it live, as usual a replay is available there immediately the show concludes.

STARS & STRIPES TEAM USA co-founders Taylor Canfield (USA) and Mike Buckley (USA), live with team CEO Justin Shaffer on today's TFE LIVE.

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