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Sunday NZ Herald: Peter Lester's first report from BDA, and a nice video about how an AC boat wo

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: "It was noticeable that Oracle and SoftBank are working and training together. On several occasions both boats could be seen setting up together and show-boating around the start area and spectator boats. It looked to me as though they were making a very public statement about the cooperation agreement between the two syndicates." Peter Lester (NZL), our longtime friend and AC veteran, and former Cup commentator for TVNZ, now writing for the NZH courtesy of ETNZ sponsor Toyota.

There's nothing else of note in Peter's report that you haven't long since read here on SAILING ILLUSTRATED. There is, however, a brief video that the NZH has produced that runs with Peter's article. I think most non-technical AC fans will enjoy and learn something from it. You can read Peter's article and watch the video here.

Screenshot from the NZ Herald's brief video on how an AC yacht works.

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