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AC35: Results from Monday's practice racing

THE TAKE AWAY FROM (AGAIN) TODAY? Landover BAR (GBR) and Team Groupama (FRA) continue to struggle big time in both the speed and maneuverability departments. As we posted earlier tonight, the Kiwis broke a rudder before practice racing began. They returned later in the afternoon to practice alone. Artemis Racing did sail in the practice races today as they were working on their race boat. However, they were out on the water in the AC45T training boat, MAGIC BLUE.

Race - port entry v. starboard: winner

1 - GBR v. USA: USA

2 - JPN v. GBR: JPN

3 - USA v. JPN: USA

4 - JPN v. FRA: JPN

Photo: Ricardo Pinto, ACEA.

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