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AC36: Friday's photos and the best public video of NYYC American Magic reveal a challenger well

San Francisco (#1208) — Friday was an historic and auspicious day for AC36, especially for fans of the New York Yacht Club's challenger American Magic. During the live webcast of NYYC's Invitational Cup on Friday, the Club's AC team was seen towing out onto Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay from their team base just north of Newport, RI. Shortly thereafter the team was sails up, and speeding — foiling — around the Bay. And for the first time it was captured on video by a number of our FOSI ("Friends of Sailing Illustrated"). Just before we went live with Friday's TFE LIVE, we began receiving photos and videos of this major milestone, which we carried on the show. Watch a replay here.

For the record, here are the best images, and video, with special thanks to one of our FOSI for the vid....

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