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Photos of the Day: RS:X world champion Lilian De Geus (NED) wins two of three races on Day 1 in Enos

ENOSHIMA, JPN (#1102) – Congrats to Lilian De Geus on her superb showing on Tuesday, Day 1 of the World Cup Series Japan at the 2020 Olympic venue in Enoshima. But WTF, World Sailing! They published this hilariously awful photo of Ms De Geus, above, on their "worldsailingofficial" instagram site here. A number of our Dear Readers have written to your Ed. complaining about World Sailing's photo.

One such reader, a young woman who is a serious yacht racer, wrote, "What is World Sailing thinking? This girl won something important and their way of honoring that is to post an extremely unflattering photo of her – she looks like she's sneezing or worse. I would honestly fly to their fancy headquarters in London and punch someone if they did that to me. Who on earth is doing their PR?"

For the record, here is a much nicer photo of Ms De Geus from the Rio Olympics (where she finished fourth) via the website....

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