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Video of the Day: The O'pen Bic "Un-Regatta" 2018 at the Buffalo Canoe Club

POINT ABINO, ONTARIO, CAN (#1086) – This is a MUST SEE video for parents of junior sailors, program administrators, and most anyone interested in youth sailing. From the North American O'pen BIC "Un-Regatta" hosted last weekend by the esteemed Buffalo Canoe Club on Lake Erie's north shore in southern Ontario. I especially like, LOL, the "Bridge of Doom" (as, obviously, do the kids) and the freestyle competition. We'll be talking about all this, and more, on today's "TGIF with TFE" live webcast over on our SI Facebook Page as always starting at 1300 PDT / 1600 EDT / 2100 UTC, with a replay available there afterwards.

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