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VOR Breaking: Race Control has asked AkzoNobel to divert to Vestas

ALICANTE – Just tweeted from Volvo Ocean Race Headquarters: UPDATE ON VESTAS 11TH HOUR RACING SITUATION: Race Control at the Volvo Ocean Race has requested @teamAkzoNobel to divert from its course to the finish line in Hong Kong to support @Vestas11thHour following a collision with another vessel. More information as and when available.

AkzoNobel (purple) have turned southwest toward the stricken Vestas 11th Hour Racing (orange) at the request of the VOR Race Control in Alicante, ESP. Watch it on the VOR Live race tracker here. Presumably Akzo will be awarded redress (correction to their finish time for the time lost by diverting to the aid of a competitor). One can only hope that the situation on Vestas is not serious, though with Akzo diverting to help, and VOR HQ being so tight-lipped, there must be a real problem.

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