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AC36 Preview – LOL, the first of many? Click on the photo below for the hilarious meme.

SAN FRANCISCO – The dust has barely settled on the dust-up in BDA today, and already the wags are at it. And it still isn't over, though most would agree that the fat-lady has warmed up and more. This photo of LJE is from today, and is courtesy of our longtime friend and world-renowned yachting photog Daniel Forster. One of our friends saw it as I was about to post it, and he (not me!) added the hilarious meme to this photo. Scroll down for a laugh!

Larry may or may not do the next Cup, with or without RC. Who knows? Probably not even Larry. But if Larry doesn't do another campaign, or if he does and he fires RC, one hears that Russell will be with Artemis Racing (SWE) for AC36. And then of course OTUSA could have another miraculous comeback, but your Ed. and most others are not holding their breath.

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