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AC35: What's the graphic in the upper left corner of the TV screen?

DEAR TOM, on this screenshot from today's AC TV show, there is a graphic in the upper left corner. What is it depicting? Several friends asked, and I figured if anyone knew it would be you, and you might even respond! –Walter Johnson (Newport Beach, CA).

Walter, that’s the graphic indicating the course axis alignment with the wind. For that race the course was set on an axis of 160º (which is where the wind started out for the race). But on that leg the wind went 5º to the right, or at least it had at the moment that screenshot was taken, hence the 165º at the bottom of the graphic and the red shading to the right of the 160º axis. That windshift, of course, favored the boat to the upwind right, in this case SWE. In fact, it was a key moment in the race as JPN had to come back from the left on on that long, headed port tack. That put SWE back into the race, which as you will know, they went on to win. –TFE

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