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AC35: Day 3 Results, Current Standings and Tomorrow's Races

Screen grabs below courtesy of NBCSN. We, too, would like them to stop taking so many crowd shots, but that's gotta be at the direction of AC35 management. And I think they've toned it down. Commercial breaks? They have to pay for the show, and it's not cheap to produce, believe me. But could they do PIP (picture-in-picture) like a lot of motorsport shows do, and soccer's World Cup? That's adds complexity down the road for re-runs, etc., but it would be nice. And, no, the advertisers are not amused. I for one think Ali and Kenny are doing a great job. And the vision is just fine, too, Denis Harvey. Congrats! Keep it up. Bring back Joey Newton (AUS, OTUSA) on the water, or someone from another team as good as Joey was on Days 1 and 2.

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