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Bernie Wilson: 'Foiling' America's Cup due to set sail Saturday in Bermuda

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: "Oracle has capsized twice in the last month and Ainslie ran into the back of Team New Zealand's boat in a practice race, causing damage that took three days to repair. In late 2015, Cammas nearly lost his right foot when he fell overboard during training and was struck by a rudder. Artemis' Iain Percy thinks collisions are the biggest danger. 'The boats are very exciting and it's a visual sport, but it does hold danger for the athletes,' he said." –The AP's esteemed San Diego-based sport writer, Bernie Wilson, who has also been covering the America's Cup since 1992, from his advance story on the America' Cup, just out on the wires. This, too, is a MUST READ for AC fans.

Our longtime friend and San Diego-based super scribe, Bernie Wilson. He's been covering the AC since 1992. Photo: Fox Sports San Diego via the East Village Times.

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