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DC: Bananas for boats

Copyright © 1987, Daniel Forster

WE PROUDLY PRESENT Dennis Conner's new podcast, sponsored by the Specialty Produce Network. This is the first episode of four that have already been produced. Entitled "Bananas for boats," in 22 minutes the multiple world champion and four-time America's Cup winner, a.k.a. Mr. America's Cup, introduces us to his childhood and some sailing history. DC also answers Facebook questions from fans, explains what's behind the superstition against having a banana on a sailboat, and shares his insight into how the 35th America's Cup ended up in Bermuda instead of San Francisco or San Diego.

By the way, the image used for the podcast is the famous photo (in full, above) taken by our longtime friend and esteemed yachting photographer, Daniel Forster, just after DC and his all-American STARS & STRIPES team, sailing for San Diego Yacht Club and the USA, won the Cup off Fremantle, Western Australia in February 1987. Yes, 30 years ago – how time flies.

(Click on the red button, upper left, to start or pause the podcast. Scroll the image below for the sound bar to replay a portion, or fast forward.)

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