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Tuesdays with TFE: Watch a replay of SI's weekly live video podcast – in HD

SAN FRANCISCO – Hard to believe this week was already Sailing Illustrated's 71st live video podcast. Our relaxed, conversational format was packed with the latest news and views from Olympic sailing world, the Volvo Ocean Race and the America's Cup. To watch a replay, click here or on the image below.

We continue to improve the technical quality of the show, and are pleased to report that yesterday's streamed again in 720p HD (and for those of you more technically inclined, at 30fps and a 4k bitrate with zero dropped frames – zero!). For best viewing use Google's Chrome browser or Firefox on your computer, or any mobile device.

Producing these live-streamed shows is not rocket science, but it's also not easy. If it were, more online media types – whether sailing related or not – would be doing them. And very few are. We love to see more clubs and classes live-streaming their events, and podcasts from popular sailors like Dennis Conner and Nic Douglass. Done well it can't help but support and build the sport.

As always comments and suggestions welcome. In less than 24 hours already had nearly 1000 views, and check out the spirited comments below the show on our SI Facebook page where it airs each week. If you are so inclined, and haven't already done so, please "like" and/or "follow" our FB page. Better yet, under the "Following" button click to get notified whenever we post or go live.

And while you are at it, please check out our new Patreon page and considering joining our growing number of SI patrons. Your support by way of a single, major contribution or a monthly donation of any amount helps keep SAILING ILLUSTRATED on the air and independent.

To watch a replay of the show, please click on the image below....

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