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TRANSPAC: OEX crew arrives safely back to the mainland aboard PYEWACKET

MARINA DEL REY (LOS ANGELES, CA, #1166) – Early Tuesday morning the crew of John Sangmeister's stricken Santa Cruz 70' OEX arrived ashore here aboard Roy Pat Disney's Andrews 68 PYEWACKET after the dramatic rescue in the dark of night some 25 hours earlier approximately 200nm southwest of LA in the Pacific Ocean. Details in this dockside interview with John and Roy Pat from a couple hours ago courtesy of the Transpac Yacht Club.

"We on OEX are extremely grateful for the entire efforts of Roy and the PYEWACKET crew," Sangmeister said. "Roy, I'm really sorry we ruined your race."

Disney commented, "The eerie sight of a mainsail up on a boat that was going under the waves is a pretty tragic thing to see. There was no panic or distress. Everyone handled it perfectly. Rule number one in the race handbook is to save lives. There were no other choices for us. It was the obvious thing to do."

Bravo Zulu to all 19 sailors on the two crews.

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