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TFE LIVE: Join us Friday for our first show of 2019, with special guest Theresa Brandner (USA) as sh

UPDATE: You can watch Friday's TFE LIVE with Theresa Brandner on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page here.

SAN FRANCISCO (#1162) – St Francis YC Commodore Theresa Brandner will be our special guest, live in-studio, on our first TFE LIVE webcast for 2019. We'll review the Club's historic year with Commodore Brandner at the helm, and get her insight on serving as the first female Commodore of one of the world's most prestigious yacht clubs.

She's been a busy lady, as Theresa is also a successful business executive and single parent, to say nothing of being an avid and active racing sailor.

As always, our Coordinating Producer Julia Wedekind will be monitoring the livestream for your questions (post them as comments on the live Facebook feed), or submit them to us in advance via email –

One of the questions I will ask our viewers is whether or not your Club has had a female Commodore. Or let us know that by email in advance of tomorrow's show.

TFE LIVE tomorrow (Friday), 2019-01-04, as always on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page, or watch a replay there afterwards.

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