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Tuesdays with TFE: Watch a replay of today's live webcast – Vestas update, Pac52 racing, why the

SAN FRANCISCO – We seem to have struck (another) chord with today's show, specifically about the need for a proper base for the US Sailing Team – both the current Olympic and longer-term development squads. TFE believes that the team should be based in San Diego, or alternatively Long Beach. However, out of the blue after today's show, TFE heard from a reliable source that the USA Olympic sailing powers that be want to base the team in San Francisco. We are reaching out to US SAILING for comment. Let us hear your thoughts, either in the comments section below, or over on our SI Facebook page along with the many other comments on this subject and others during and after today's lively show.

We continue to improve the technical quality of the show, and are pleased to report that again today we streamed in 720p HD (for those of you more technically inclined, at 30fps and a 4k bitrate with zero dropped frames – zero!). For best viewing use Google's Chrome browser or Firefox on your computer, or any mobile device.

As always comments and suggestions welcome. Check out the spirited comments during and after the show on our SI Facebook page where it airs each week. If you are so inclined, and haven't already done so, please "like" and/or "follow" our FB page. Better yet, under the "Following" button click to get notified whenever we post or go live.

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To watch a replay of the show, please click here or on the image below....

TUESDAYS WITH TFE is a live webcast every Tuesday at 1300 Pacific on Sailing Illustrated's Facebook page. You do not have to be a member of Facebook or have an account. Watch a replay of today's hour-long show by clicking here or on the image above.

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