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CHI-MAC: Nice recap video on the 109th running of Chicago YC's fresh water classic; What's s

CHICAGO – Some may say, "better late than never" about Chicago Yacht Club's video, just out, recapping the July 2017 edition of the annual 333 statute-mile (290nm) race up Lake Michigan, but Matt Knighton's production is excellent, with quick pacing but not with overly fast cuts, and a good combo of video, stills, and the race tracker. It's also not too long (2:37), and I suppose has appropriate music for this day in age – I would have preferred some good Rush Street jazz, but, WTH, I'm old.

Bear in mind that the video's real value is as sponsor (Wintrust) fulfillment, as a promo tool for CYC and others for next year's race (note the closing 'Save the Date" slide for July 21, 2018), and as a commemorative for the 300 teams and over 1000 (or is it 2000?) sailors and volunteer organizers. I just wish the video also had a brief slide with race statistics including teams, number of competitors, number of volunteers, records set, number of boats that finished (and didn't), etc.

Regardless, your Ed. commends to you the video, and the race from Chicago to Mackinac Island at the northern tip of Michigan's lower peninusla put on for over 100 years by the venerable Chicago Yacht Club.

Sailing Illustrated will be covering the Chi-Mac again next summer, as we did extensively this year. By the way, you don't have to be from Michigan to know that the native American name Mackinac is properly pronounced "MACK-in-naw."

While we are at it, we've also recently come across a terrific TedEd video entitled, "What's So Great About the Great Lakes" by Cheri Dobbs and Jennifer Gabrys." With thanks to David Hertzberg for the link, you can watch it on YouTube here.

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