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Chicago-Mac: Photos from yesterday's Cruising Div Start; SI will have exclusive live coverage of

CHICAGO – The 109th Race to Mackinac, aka Chicago-Mac or Chi-Mac with 301 entries for the 333 mile race, got underway Friday afternoon with the start of the Cruising Division. The Racing Division starts today (Saturday). Michele Almeida with MISTE Photography, is the Chi-Mac event photographer and is covering the starts in Chicago, and has kindly sent SAILING ILLUSTRATED 10 beaut photos from yesterday. More promised from Michele today of the Racing Division.

God and Facebook Live willing, we will also bring you a live report from Christopher Beckwith (Wilmington, NC) of their Section 08 start today aboard NIRVANA, the Beneteau 10R owned by David and Kim Hoff (Wheaton, IL) starting at 1115 CDT / 0915 PDT for the fifteen minutes before their 1130 PDT start, and then for five minutes or so into the race.

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