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Last act of 2016 Governor's Cup, or first act of 2017?

BALBOA YACHT CLUB founded the prestigious international youth match racing championship 50 years ago. Patterned after LBYC's Congressional Cup, many of our sport's top match racers, past and present, are Governor's Cup alum. Last year's 50th anniversary was a special event, needless to say. But this year may be even better, given that BYC will host both the 51st annual Gov Cup and the World Youth Match Racing Championship, sponsored by World Sailing. This will be the 4th edition of the Youth Worlds, and it's a bit of a toss up as to which is the more prestigious event. The 2017 Gov Cup is 17-22 July, and the Youth Worlds is two weeks later, 30 Jul - 5 Aug. The new (in 2016) Gov Cup 22s, designed by BYC Staff Commodore Alan Andrews, will of course be used for both events. As with the past couple of years I will help Andy Rose, Chris Bretschger and Susan Wattson Kenney with the live commentary and media output. For years, Andy has been a big backer of the Gov Cup and a key organizer. This morning he was presented a shirt from last year's 50th Anniversary Gov Cup signed by all the skippers that Greg Newman kindly bought at a BYC youth-sailing auction earlier this year and had nicely framed. Photo credit: Chris Bretschger.

Greg Newman (right) presenting a 50th Governor's Cup shirt signed by all the skippers to Gov Cup patron Andy Rose.

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