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AC36: NYYC American Magic done sailing in Newport, RI for 2019; packing up DEFIANT and heading for t

SAN FRANCISCO (#1231) — As we reported on today's TFE LIVE, American Magic team leadership has confirmed to your Ed. that they are done sailing in Newport for 2019, and are now packing up to head to their winter training base in Pensacola, FL. By all accounts last winter's training camp in Florida with their test boat "The Mule" was a big success, and they aim to repeat it this winter with their new full-sized AC 75 christened DEFIANT a month ago at their main team base near Newport, RI.

Presumably NYYC American Magic will continue to train in Pensacola with DEFIANT until they need to pack up and ship their AC 75 from Florida to Cagliari, Sardinia (ITA) in time for the first AC World Series regatta there, and involving all the A36 teams, in late April.

Watch a replay of today's TFE LIVE with special guest Richard Gladwell live via Skype from Auckland, along with our previous 229 shows, on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page.

DEFIANT in Rhode Island being readied for shipping to NYYC American Magic's winter training base in Pensacola, FL. Photo by FOSI Jack Everett (Privateer YC, Chattanooga, TN) taken from just outside the team base Monday.

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