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TFE LIVE: Join us for today's (Tuesday) show; San Francisco's Sail GP "Event 2" is

SAN FRANCISCO (#1223) – What's your take on the weekend's Sail GP action on San Francisco Bay? Did you watch it on TV, at the venue, from the yacht clubs (St Francis or Golden Gate), or on the water? Join us for today's TFE LIVE at 1300 Pacific / 1600 Eastern / 2000 UTC / 0800+1 NZT over on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook Page to weigh in with your rants and raves, and hear ours.

The Sail GP action was always tight at the "first corner," but not so much after that; there were, however more lead and positional changes in a given race than you might see in an entire America's Cup finals.

Did you know that the Team Japan's instruments were not fully functional for the final match race vs. AUS? Is it any wonder, therefore, they lost to AUS after winning all three practice races on Friday, and all three fleet races on Saturday?

What did you think of the job Jody Shiels (AUS, and a FOSI) did as the new play-by-play commentator? Were you aware that Jody and color commentator Shirley Robertson (GBR, and also a FOSI) were in an announce booth in London, not in San Francisco? These scoops and more on today's TFE LIVE, along with your thoughts and comments. "Selfie" photo courtesy of Jody's FB page on Friday May 3rd.

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