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TFE LIVE for Tuesday, March 26: Esteemed AP sports reporter Bernie Wilson with top tips on how clubs

SAN FRANCISCO (#1196) – Bernie Wilson (USA, San Diego) has been covering mainstream sports for the Associated Press for decades, and has been covering the America's Cup, Olympic sailing, The Ocean Race and more top sailing events since the mid-1990s. He's seen (some) great PR work by clubs, classes and organizing authorities, and plenty of "unmitigated crap" (his words). He will join me live via Skype from San Diego to share his views on the ever-evolving AC36, the rise of SailGP, the state of Olympic Sailing (and World Sailing), last week's re-launch of "The Ocean Race" and more.

But our main focus will be to pick Bernie's brain on what our sport, from the club level to the America's Cup, can do to improve our image, PR and coverage in the mainstream media.

As always we go live at 1300 Pacific / 1600 Eastern (currently that's 2000 UTC / 2100 CET / 0900+1 NZT) on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page, and a replay is available there after the show ends. As usual we will take your questions and comments via our live Facebook feed, or email them to us in advance.

Tuesday's TFE LIVE airs, as always, at 1300 Pacific, but until Europe goes on Summertime at the end of March that's an hour earlier than usual, 2100 CET.

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