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Casting Call: "Do you have the passion for sailing the open sea and the desire to travel to exo

SAN FRANCISCO (#1194) – LOL, do sailing yachts attract "a different kind of charter guest" than do power yachts? Tighter quarters equals more drama? Excerpt from an article earlier this week in the South Florida's SunSentinel newspaper about a new Bravo TV spinoff to be called "Below Deck: Sailing Vessel"....

The new series will be on sailboats which “have smaller galleys, stew stations, and living quarters, which we have a feeling equals more drama,’’ according to Bravo. “We'll also meet a different kind of charter guest, from old money clients to new eco-conscious tech millionaires.”A debut date and cast have not been announced for the new series. But a casting agent with the show has been posting call outs for new crew mates.

Have you watched either of Bravo's current "popular" shows? Your Ed. has tuned in to the original once or twice, and enjoyed it about as much as a dental appointment. Never ceases to amaze that anyone has the time or inclination to watch such "reality TV" shows – as if there is much real about them!

Will this new series be good for the sport? Or just reinforce unkind, and unhelpful, and stereotypes?

Might be fun just to apply, especially if you are an "experienced yachtie" who is "energetic and charismatic"? Will experience in adult films give you, er, a leg up? With thanks to FOSI Mario Schuhmann (GER/USA, St Francis YC) for the link.

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