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TFE LIVE: Friday's guest – Jean-Pierre Kiekens (BEL/CAN) live via Skype from Montreal, with his

SAN FRANCISCO (#1167) – Jean-Pierre Kiekens is a FOSI (Friend of Sailing Illustrated) who has contributed several articles on youth and single-handed sailing. He is an esteemed youth sailing blogger (also on Facebook) who, in his own words, is a "Belgo-Canadian passionate about competitive sailing as well as healthy, sustainable food."

Jean-Pierre has strong and respected views on what World Sailing should decide for the 2024 Olympic classes, and as a keen Laser sailor has been following the trials and tribulations of the International Laser Class Association as three other singlehanded classes vie to replace the Laser for the Paris (Marseille) Games.

Tune in tomorrow (Friday) for the latest on all that and more, and Jean-Pierre's insight.

As always, our Coordinating Producer Julia Wedekind (USA) will be monitoring the livestream for your questions (post them as comments on the live Facebook feed), or submit them to us in advance via email –

Join us for TFE LIVE on Friday, 2019-01-25, as usual on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page, or watch a replay there after our live show.

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