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World Sailing: Council votes to accept the Sarasota minutes as drafted by the staff and signed by th

SAN FRANCISCO (#1155) — One hears, no surprise, that the minutes of the controversial Council meeting at World Sailing’s AGM in Florida last month were approved in an extraordinary conference call today. Our normally reliable sources say the vote was 22 to accept, 11 to reject, and 2 abstentions — thereby confirming the disputed decision that effectively replaced the Finn Class with “mixed gender keelboat offshore” for the 2024 Olympics.

We also hear that the three North American delegates - Gary Bodie (USA), Peter Hall (CAN), and Cory Sertl (USA) voted to reject approval of the minutes, as did the four Council members who have asserted in writing that their votes were mis-counted, or worse, in Sarasota.

WS Vice President Gary Jobson (USA) voted to accept the minutes.


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