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SailGP: First video released of Foiling 50s sailing off Whangarei (NZL)

WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND (#1116) – SailGP have released the first image and video of the Foiling 50, being developed by Core Builders Composites and test-sailed from Marsden Cove Marina. The six Foiling 50s will be shipped to Sydney where the first regatta will be sailed at the end of February. Derived from the AC50s used in the 36th America's Cup [Bermuda], the platform has been standardized with electrical energy carried in a battery bank used for the raising and lowering of the daggerboard foils. Richard Gladwell writing for Full story.

More on today's TGIF with TFE live webcast, as always on at 2000 UTC (1300 Pacific / 1600 Eastern / 2200 CET / 0900+1 NZT).

Video courtesy of SailGP. More on today's TGIF with TFE live webcast at 2000 UTC (1300 PDT) as always on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page.

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