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COYOTE: The Mike Plant Story; Director Thomas Simmons live on TGIF with TFE tomorrow (Friday)

SAN FRANCISCO (#1112) – Thomas Simmons (USA) produced and directed the award-winning film COYOTE: The Mike Plant Story that has just been released on iTunes and elsewhere. Am pleased to report that Mr Simmons will join me tomorrow (Friday) on TGIF with TFE as our live in-studio guest. Watch the official trailer below, or better yet watch the full movie on iTunes, and tune in for tomorrow's webcast armed with your questions and comments for Mr Simmons.

Having now watched it, your Ed. can attest that it is every bit as good as the amazing reviews say it is. On Friday, in addition to our usual yacht racing news and views, we will go as long as necessary with Thomas to cover all your questions – as always on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page ( at 1300 PDT / 1600 EDT / 2200 CET / 0800+1 NZT).

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