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AC36: Another photo of Sir Ben Ainslie's INEOS Team UK 'surrogate' foiling monohull, thi

PORTSMOUTH, GBR (#1046) – Our third, and unexpected, "photo of the day" of Sir Ben's yacht – which we understand is a modified Quant 28 that was splashed yesterday (Friday) and apparently load tested dockside then some more while being towed. Afterwards the yacht went back into the shed; we'll see if it reappears next week as one hears is the plan.

The photo is a Sailing Illustrated world exclusive, with thanks to photographer Jelle Dingemans (NED). If you share this photo, please credit SI and Jelle Dingemans. Photo below is a digitally zoomed version of the original, above.

Our two previous posts today with earlier photos of the INEOS Team UK yacht are here and here. For those of you who thought our two earlier photos were fake, we hope you are enjoying this post.

Photo courtesy of Jelle Dingemans (NED).

For those of you have have not seen a video, or have but need a refresher, on what these foiling AC-75 yachts are supposed to look like when sailing, here's a nice YouTube released earlier this year by INEOS Team UK, including info graphics....

Video courtesy of INEOS Team UK.

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