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Hunting for the Truth: Kite-Boarding? Kite-Surfing? Or Kite-Sailing?

SAN FRANCISCO (#1035) – [With this post we welcome our newest Sailing Illustrated contributor, Michael "Attila" Hunt (USA) and his eponymous column "Hunting for the Truth." He will be on the lookout for interesting issues and questions arising from or otherwise impacting the sport of yacht racing. –TFE]

Hi Sailing Illustrators. Thanks for having me. My posts will be short and sweet. I don't have the time or energy to write the long articles that TFE and others post here. Forgive my brevity.

The headline says it all. What sport does this video and event represent? Should it be in the Olympics? Is this what the Olympic "sailing" event will look like? A lot of riders (kiters) think this is what kiting in the Olympics should be. I want to thank World Sailing for giving up a sailing medal for kite riders. Whatever shape the Olympic kiting event takes, I think it will be awesome. More about this epic video, and the Kite-Surf World Tour, in an article by Matt Pearce just out on here.

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