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VOR: Leg 9 start in Newport in 2.5 minutes of Volvo video; was the penalty to TTOP the correct call?

NEWPORT, RI (#1019) – Further to our post from Castle Hill Sunday afternoon, VOR Media have released this nice 2:35 video of the start and fan-friendly Tour-de-Bay before the yachts pass by Castle Hill into Rhode Island Sound for points east, namely Cardiff, Wales. After three days in Newport, we have the scoop on the new owners of the Volvo Ocean Race and who the sponsor will be for the next edition (will Volvo continue?) and some other VOR and AC news. We'll have all that on our Tuesday's with TFE live webcast at 1300 on Tuesday along with some expert commentary on the penalty called against Dee Caffari's Turn the Tide on Plastic. Stick with us like Andy's glue....

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