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VOR: Video of the Day – Vestas is about to leave the Falklands with a delivery crew, under power and

STANLEY HARBOUR, FALKLAND ISLANDS – Vestas 11th Hour Racing team director Mark Towill and skipper Charlie Enright are in Itajaí, Brazil making arrangements for a replacement mast so they can hopefully race Leg 8 from Itajaí to Newport. However, the clock is ticking as that leg starts on April 22nd and the yacht is still 1500nm away in the Falkland islands. Last Friday they were dismasted about 100nm southeast of the Islands.

The bulk of the team remain in the Falklands preparing the yacht to make the passage to Itajaí on her own bottom, with a delivery crew, using a combination of power and a jury-rigged sail. Full story – an interesting read – on the team's website.

In summary, and according to a post on their YouTube channel, Mark said, "Every little win feels like a small win. There are still a lot of things that need to go our way in order for it all to happen, but we are going to keep pushing and keep fighting. Preparations are being finalized for our VO65 to leave the Falklands on the 1,500-mile journey to Itajaí."

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