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Buffalo Yacht Club: A hidden oasis in the heart of Buffalo

BUFFALO, NY (USA) – This is the first in a new series of articles on cool clubs and classes, as we at Sailing Illustrated continue to firmly believe that clubs and classes are the heart and soul of our sport even (especially?) in this era of increasing commercial and professional activation of yacht racing events throughout the world. We welcome submissions about cool clubs and classes, whether an article or video by one of our Dear Readers or an article like the one below.

To wit, this very nice article by Jessica Marinelli that was published today on the Buffalo Rising website about one of the oldest clubs in the country, which dates from the 1860, the Buffalo Yacht Club on the eastern end of Lake Erie. And who knew a former USA President, Grover Cleveland, had been a member....

The first day of Spring is this Tuesday, March 20, and with spring’s arrival Buffalonians’ naturally begin to think about their plans in the warmer weather months. Although we know we haven’t seen the last snow fall, the days are starting to grow longer, and it’s increasingly difficult to not daydream about summer and enjoying Buffalo’s beautiful and revitalized waterfront. So, if you are starting to make plans, and are looking for a social community filled with history, sport, camaraderie, and beauty, then be sure to check out the Buffalo Yacht Club. Full story,

One of the Buffalo Yacht Club's interesting features is the bar in the shape of a boat. In 1953, a member named Dan Kraft purchased a popular plywood cruiser hull made by Richardson Boat Company. After renovations, and the obvious modifications, the bar was christened with the rather cheeky name, “Mary Openbottom.” Photos courtesy of Buffalo Rising; many more in the article. With thanks to Peter Huston for forwarding the link.

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