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Yutes: Watch Kimball Livingston's talk today on "St Francis YC Junior Program, Ver. 3.0&quo

SAN FRANCISCO – Esteemed yachting journalist Kimball Livingston was Commodore of St Francis YC in 2016. He tells it like this. The Coach: “Commodore, we have a problem.” The Commodore: “Explain. I’ll see what I can do.” From that beginning, a certain Staff (former) Commodore went on to shake up youth sailing on SF Bay, blow up StFYC youth sailing per the advice of our coaches, and become the 2018 chair of the Junior Committee. You break it, you bought it. But why did youth sailing change dramatically in a single generation? Why is the StFYC experience relevant nationally, perhaps internationally, and why are we involved in an attempt to reset standards for sail training instruction?

Kimball will explain this and more when he speaks at today's StFYC Wednesday Yachting Luncheon. You can watch it live on the Club's Facebook page at 1230 Pacific,1530 Eastern, 2130 CET, etc. As always, a replay will available on the same page shortly after the livestream ends.

As far as we are aware, StFYC is the only Club in the country if not the world to be livestreaming a weekly event. Sailing Illustrated TV has been helping the Club produce these webcasts.

By the way, if you can't remember the link above, these days finding the Facebook page for an org like StFYC – or Sailing Illustrated for that matter – is easy peasy. Just Google "StFYC Facebook" or similar. You do not need to be a member of Facebook, have an FB account, or even an app. You can watch these livestreams – live or replay – from any computer, tablet or phone with internet access. Just open a browser and go to "".

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