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VOR: Images of the Day; you gotta check the Notice box on the Race Tracker because things aren't

SAN DIEGO – The Volvo Ocean Race Tracker has been a mess for almost eight hours; it was when we went to sleep here on the Left Coast of the U.S. of "Eh" – as the self-deprecating Canadian, and former World Sailing (then ISAF) President Paul Henderson likes to call us Yanks – and still is after this morning's second cup of coffee.

Many of our Dear Readers may not know to click on the down arrow next to "Notices" in the black Leg box in the upper right corner to get pertinent info about the status of the tracker. To the credit of VOR Media, at least they've been telling us that things are not correct. Obviously, yachts don't sail directly upwind.

Meanwhile, there is no secret that most of us at Sailing Illustrated are cheering for the ostensible USA (also DEN) team, Vestas 11th Hour Racing led by Americans Charlie Enright and Mark Towill. The tracker is showing Vestas and MAPFRE farthest west of the rhumbline (near Sydney) and, therefore, running third and fourth. However, given the actual wind (second image below, courtesy of the ever-reliable that's where we'd rather be.

BTW, your Ed. traded emails with Charlie yesterday, who is home in Rhode Island tending to urgent family matters having turned skippering duties over to Mark. We hope to get Charlie on a "Take Five with TFE" Facebook Live show later this week. Go Vestas!

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