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Tuesdays with TFE: Learn more about the AC75 foiling monohull on today's live show, with our gue

SAN FRANCISCO – As usual our Tuesdays with TFE netcast will air live today at 1300 Pacific / 1600 Eastern / 2200 CET / 1000+1 NZT. Richard Gladwell (NZL), New Zealand editor of, will join us live via Skype to help shed light on yesterday's announcement by ETNZ of a fully-foiling monohull for AC36 in 2021.

As always you can watch live on any phone, tablet or computer at Facebook account not required, and the livestream is free. Just sign on like any other webpage. If you cannot watch live, as always a replay will be available afterwards here on Sailing Illustrated as well as on our SI Facebook page. We'll save plenty of time for your live questions; just type them into the comments section on our SI Facebook page under the live feed.

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