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Take Five with TFE: Dawn Riley, AC and Volvo veteran, former USA Yachtswoman of the Year, interviewe

SAN FRANCISCO – Last evening's post here on SI about Dawn Riley (USA) debunking the absurd media reports about the two Hawaiian women supposedly "lost at sea" was very popular. Overnight our story was picked up around the world and shared widely on Facebook. Many of our readers had trouble viewing the link we included to Dawn's interview on HLN yesterday afternoon, so I did a Take Five with TFE FB Live with Dawn via Skype this morning and ran the HLN clip. It was fun, enlightening and at times hilarious. Watch a replay of our wide-ranging interview with Dawn over on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page here. As Victor Felice commented during our live show, "Forget the lousy sailing...if you are going to pull off a scam at least PLAN your scam brilliantly!"

Watch and listen as Dawn Riley lowers the boom on the story being spun by the croutons who were supposedly lost at sea for five months, when Dawn appeared on Take Five with TFE earlier today. Replay of our Facebook Live here.

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