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Youth Match Racing World Championship: Pre-Race Show today at 1000 PDT; why we do it

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – If you want to know why we are putting so much time and effort into the Facebook Live coverage for the Gov Cup and now Youth Match Racing World Championship (for which racing begins today), you only have to read one Facebook post this morning by a Kiwi competitor:

That says way more than anything Andy Rose, Chris Bretschger or I could. In a nutshell we’re doing it for the kids, and their families and friends back home. And, hopefully, it all helps a bit to promote youth sailing, match racing, and our sport in general.

The Facebook Live of last night's opening ceremony has already had over 1300 views. It was the first of fully 13 live shows this week. All can be watched live, or a replay, on You can view it on any phone, tablet or computer. You do not need the Facebook app, or a Facebook account. Nada. It’s just like any other website. And, unlike the America's Cup, the online coverage is free.

You can help us by sharing the posts (Facebook Live and otherwise) that we are putting up on BYC’s Facebook page to your own FB page, if you have one.

Our next FB Live is today’s Pre-Race Show at 1000 PDT, followed tonight by a Post-Race Report at 1800. Same schedule tomorrow and Thursday, except that Thursday's Post-Race Report is an hour earlier, at 1700, so the competing sailors can race on BYC-member boats in Thursday's evening race that starts at 1800.

We'll be covering the racing live on Friday (semifinals) and Saturday (finals) at 1200 PDT / 1900 UTC. New York is +3 hours to PDT, London +8, Paris +9, Auckland -5, Sydney -7.

("Tuesday's with TFE" Facebook Live show for SAILING ILLUSTRATED will not air today so we can bring you the Pre-Race Show over on the Balboa YC Facebook Page at 1000 PDT.)

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