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Transpac: Manouch Moshayedi's RIO 100 wins the Barn Door – "Damaged but not broken"

HONOLULU – Congrats to Manouch Moshayedi and his team aboard RIO 100. They finished off Diamond Head a few minutes ago at 0309 HST. Despite having lost their port rudder mid-ocean when they struck debris, they've managed to finish first among all the yachts without power-assist for the winches, etc. (only manual power) and, therefore, will be awarded the coveted Barn Door Trophy again – they also won in 2015. Following RIO 100 about 100 miles back is Frank Slootman's (San Francisco) Pac52 INVISIBLE HAND. Another couple hundred miles behind them is the other Pac52, BAD PAK, owned by Tom Holthus (San Diego). Follow the race tracker here.

For more on the damage to RIO 100's rudder, read the post to their team blog from a couple days ago here.

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