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SI EXCLUSIVE – Transpac: RIO 100's Tyler Wolk details their mid-ocean rudder drama, and how they

HONOLULU – As we reported early this morning, at 0309 HST today Manouch Moshayedi's RIO 100 finished the Transpac as the first non-power assisted monohull, thereby winning for the second year running the coveted Barn Door Trophy. After docking in and putting the boat to bed, having a well-deserved drink or three, being tossed in the pool with most of his teammates at Waikiki YC (the Commodore got tossed in, too, while Manouch wisely escaped), posing with the Barn Door for a team photo, getting a shower and some sleep, RIO 100 bowman Tyler Wolk joined your Ed. on Facebook Live for an illuminating 45-minute split-screen interview before dashing to HNL to fly back to SoCal to help Greg Newman & Co. at Balboa YC get the GovCup 22s ready for next week's Governor's Cup. Tyler is a regular crewmate on IT'S OK!, and a pro sailor who is "one of the good guys" as Manouch said to your Ed. by text today – to say nothing of a terrific sailor.

In the few hours since we did the interview, it has been viewed almost 1,000 times. If you haven't seen it, you won't be disappointed. Check it out on our SAILING ILLUSTRATED Facebook Page here.

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