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AC35 Match: If you were Larry and Russell, would you change skippers tomorrow?

SAN FRANCISCO – I posed that question on my personal FB page a few minutes ago, and the responses have been forthcoming fast and furious. Here's the text of my post:

At today's post-race presser, Bernie Wilson and Alan Block asked Jimmy Spithill if he would be driving tomorrow. His reply – we will do whatever is best for the team, we always do. Pressed later in the presser about who makes that decision, Jimmy said, rather abruptly, Tom [Slingsby] and I do. Hmmm. Anyone care to speculate on whether or not OTUSA will change skippers tomorrow? Personally, I doubt it very much given how little time anyone else has had on the wheel. If you were Larry and Russell, what would YOU do?

Please leave a comment below, or on my FB page (

Jimmy Spithill at this afternoon's post-race presser. I've known him since 2000, and we shared an office at the end of the AC34 campaign at OTUSA's Pier 80 team base. Never has he looked or sounded so somber.

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