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AC35: Join us for Monday's Pre-Race Show with TFE on Facebook Live; for the first time we will s

SAN FRANCISCO – Monday is Day 5 of the 35th America's Cup Match pitting the Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand against the Defender Oracle Team USA. On Sunday ETNZ sailed nearly perfect races, winning both by embarrassingly large margins. ETNZ now leads 6-1 and is on match point in the first-to-win-seven series.

Like the Kiwis, our SAILING ILLUSTRATED team are not afraid to innovate. So Monday we are going to try something new. In addition to our usual Pre-Race Show 30 minutes before racing, we are going to stay live during the racing. No, we won't show you the NBCSN coverage – that would not be legal or ethical. But we will be watching it on our TV and commenting on it for those of you who stay with us after the Pre-Race Show, or can join later.

It's just another form of live-blogging or live-tweeting the racing, but by talking over our Facebook Live feed on TFE's personal FB page ( You won't have much to look at (TFE sitting in a chair and beavering away on his computer while he watches the TV and talks). But it should be a fun, interactive experience as you will be able to comment on his FB page, ask questions, and he and others will be able to chime in with answers and their own comments. As always we will go live with the Pre-Race Show 30 minutes before racing starts – 0930 PDT / 1230 EDT / 1830 CET (Europe) / 0430 NZT Sunday in New Zealand. Even earlier for a few fans in AUS who join us in the middle of their night. Hope you can join in the fun, and for what could be an historic day for the America's Cup....

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