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AC35: Superyacht Regatta underway in BDA – Day 1 video and J-Class results

HAMILTON, BDA – Your Ed. has been asked over and over if there is TV coverage of the Superyacht Regatta taking place this week in Bermuda in conjunction with the America's Cup. You would think there is more interest in the Superyachts, especially the J-Class yachts, than the AC. Apparently there is not live TV coverage, or at least not that we can find. There is, however, a race tracker here.

Below is a brief but nice wrap-up video from yesterday (Tuesday), Race Day 1 of 3. The event continues today and wraps tomorrow (Thursday). Event website is here.

The regatta includes six J-Class yachts, results below. Tom Siebel's (San Francisco) new SVEA did not race yesterday as he had a business commitment in Philadelphia, but Tom is now in Bermuda and SVEA will be out today – the yacht's first-ever race.

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