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AC35: Chief Commercial Officer is leaving ACEA

WE HEAR RUMORS on and off every week about goings on behind the scenes in our sport, particularly the America's Cup. We don't normally go to press with rumors unless we are certain they are true, as we are in this case, or if we are sure they are untrue, in which case we will publish and debunk any serious rumors that could be harming the sport.

Mr Barnett, a British lawyer who previously had served in a commercial capacity with UEFA (European Soccer Federation), joined ACEA during the last Cup in San Francisco as Senior Legal Counsel and subsequently Vice-President of Broadcast. He became Chief Commercial Officer after Harvey Schiller resigned as the Cup's "Commercial Commissioner" in August of 2016. Dr. Schiller was in that position for two years, having served on a Cup Advisory Panel during AC34. He left AC35 during the controversy that engulfed the Cup in 2015-16 after ACEA signed a letter of agreement with Emirates Team New Zealand for an AC World Series event in Auckland that never came to fruition. The details of all that are cloaked in secrecy under the AC Protocol because the matter went to the America's Cup Arbitration Panel, the decision from which is widely rumored to have gone against ACEA.

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