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Business Insider: These are the ten best airports in Europe

OUR TEAM HERE AT THE SAILING ILLUSTRATED offices debated whether to post what is strictly a non-sailing article as a bit of an experiment and service to our Dear Readers at the same time. We know that many of our readers travel, and travel all over the world. And we are also surprised, frankly, at how many European readers have been signing on to SI – since we launched on Monday, we often have more than 100 live visitors on the site at any one time, even at 0200 San Francisco time when most of the USA is fast asleep. We checked, and no surprise most of our overnight crowd is Euro (and South Africans, interestingly), as well as Aussie and Kiwi.

So when I saw this interesting piece on Business Insider this morning with their take on the best European airports (which I liked, and largely agree with), we decided to run it. Having lived in Europe from 1997 until 2014, and traveling for work constantly, I have come to know, and appreciate, the pros and cons of many European airports. Personally, I'd rank Zurich #1 over Munich (BI's #1), but it's probably a toss up. Let us know what you think, about the merits of BI's piece, and whether from time to time we should run articles like this on SI. Thanks.

Swiss Air is owned by Lufthansa, and in the humble opinion of your Ed. is a fine airline, and their HQ – Zurich Airport – is arguably Europe's best.

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