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WSJ: New "Boys on the Boat"

NICE INK IN TODAY's Wall Street Journal. Interesting albeit gentle article. I think the title reprises "Boys on the Boat" after the great book about rowing and highly recommended by me. This soft tease into the current observations of meat or muscle of both athletes, grinders and pedal people, and "sailors" is easily consumed by non-sailing people. Nothing new or exciting but an attempt to grab some small interest by the general population? Who knows but I read it anyway. As we near the "sailing" competition I find myself watching when I'm not sure I want to. It's like that overturned car on the highway - it's there so you slow down like everyone else and take a peek as you curse the others around you for slowing down. Humans, we are a strange breed!

Photo of today's WSJ Sports Section courtesy of Peter Huston.

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