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PHAEDO3: TransPacific record smashed!

UPDATE: Texting just now with Rachel Fallon-Langdon in Hawaii, PHAEDO3's project manager, she confirms that they did, unofficially, break the record by approx two hours. They are needless to say stoked. Our longtime friend and multihull denizen, John Sangmeister, owner of TRITIUM, the VPLP 73' foiling trimaran (that, by the way, is for sale) said, "Remarkable achievement, especially when you consider that LENDING CLUB 2 is 30 feet longer and has a mast that is 31' taller. LC2 is as wide as P3 is long. It appears they averaged north of 26 knots over the approx 2600nm route, the distance depending upon their exact course." Multihull guru Gino Morrelli just texted, "Of this record, there is less and less easy space in that one to extract."

CONGRATS TO Lloyd Thornburg & Co. Just finished. They began their record attempt at 21:45 UTC on Friday. PHAEDO3's finish time was 15:32:18 UTC off Diamond Head beating the current record of 03:18:00:09 (24.61 kt avg) set by 105-foot VPLP-designed trimaran LENDING CLUB 2 in July 2015. Details in due course. In the meantime read this profile of Mr Thornburg in Forbes Mag from last year here.

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