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Friday Fantasy: If you have to ask, you cannot afford it

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: "At 47 feet long and with two twin 480-horsepower engines, the Arrow 460 - Granturismo combines the performance of a Mercedes-Benz sports car with unique innovations from the boat industry." –From a reprised Business Insider article on this Mercedes "Silver Arrow of the Seas." OMG, what marketing wizard wrote that? Ever heard of the "boat industry"? Boating Industry yes, but please, Mercedes, this is a yacht. Maybe something was lost in the translation – the new Mercedes yacht, er, das boot.

SAILING ILLUSTRATED is all about sailing and yacht racing, but we all use powerboats from time to time. I have no idea if even one of these new Mercs has been sold, or if the limited production run of 10 (one per country!) has long-since sold out. But if not, we have some friends who could use one.

Need a sexy tender for your new Pac52? Manouch, you're a Mercedes man and this looks right down your alley. Andy Rose, that Duffy in front of your NB home is looking a little tired. Why not arrive at Balboa YC in style? And Morgan dog would love it. Johnny Burnham, what girl would not be impressed if you took her to Catalina for the weekend in this? For our friends back East, this yacht might not fit in too well at the NYYC cruise, but Johnny Mac and Scotty, you would be the Talk of the Town cruising around Newport Harbor in one instead of your mini tugboat; and you could ditch the Naval uniforms in favor of something with a little more Euro-flare, say speedos. John Sangmeister, one of these side-tied to OEX at Long Point Race Week would further class up your act; but, please, no Pieology branding. Last but not least, SF Mercedes maven Mario Schumann, this is your chance to replace the dated DAISY with a "seagoing S-Classe" for your weekend trips to Tinsley, and wherever else you go in the Delta.

So, you ask, what's one cost? Only $1.7 million. Larry could buy all 10 with his couch change. For the rest of us, and in the immortal words of "Arrow"smith, Dream On!

[With thanks to Meg for the inspirational first draft, and the Aerosmith reference. -TFE]

The Mercedes Arrow460-Grandturismo

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