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Olympic sailors, and fans, deserve better

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: "An amazingly inaccurate press release from the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) giving themselves a pat-on-back for their dreadful Rio Olympic TV coverage....World Sailing expressed a high level of satisfaction with the broadcast coverage of the Sailing events at Rio 2016, underlining that OBS footage once again received global acclaim with excellent audience figures around the world. Apparently at no point was any mention made of the long periods of non-action when events were postponed, or the fact that the best racing on the ocean course was not broadcast at all. One of the farcical factors of the broadcasts was listening to the efforts of presenter Ian Walker [for GBR viewers] to gather information of what was happening where the racing was really taking place, while the cameras watched drifting boats." –From the article "Olympic Sailing TV coverage - What coverage" at the website

Olympic broadcast coverage of the Sailing competitions in Rio. Photo (and caption) courtesy of Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS).

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